As part of their annual collaboration to help students applying for college find the right school for them, The Princeton Review and USA Today have released this year’s list of the best valued private colleges and univeresities in the country.

Judging each institution on 30 areas of qualification collected from the fall of 2010 to the fall of 2011, including financial aid, academic standings, and total cost of tuition, The Princeton Review has selected 50 private and 50 public colleges and universities as giving students the best education possible for the least amount of money.

Best value for money does not necessarily mean cheap, however. Included on the list are three Ivy League schools that are decidedly far from cheap, but do offset the high cost of attendance with additional financial aid allocation, and subsidizing grants and scholarships with the money garnered from affluent students who are capable of paying tuition in full.

“What most people don’t realize is most students aren’t paying the full sticker price,” Rob Franek, author of The Best Value Colleges and Princeton Review’s vice-president of publishing.  ”Two-thirds of students are getting financial aid. At nearly 100 of the 150 ‘Best Value Colleges’ we’ve identified, the average freshmen grant this year was $10,000 or better. When it comes to picking a college, people need to be savvy shoppers as well as savvy applicants.”

Here are the Top 10 Best Value Private Universities for 2013:

To see the full list of all 150 private colleges selected by the Princeton Review for 2013, visit USAToday’s website.

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