Google Street View has given us plenty of things to laugh, sigh, and awe at as we vicariously explore the world from our computers. We’re happy to report that Google has now gathered images from their treks off-the-beaten-path. To name one, the Grand Canyon. Google Street View is offering up a great deal on discount travel, anytime you’d like – just so long as you’re traveling via Street View.

Check out the Grand Canyon Tour here, and report back with your favorite (or least favorite) parts of the journey.

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Maybe you’ve been in-person? How does it compare? We’re wondering if a Grand Canyon visit is mandatory for schools near the historic landmark, as well.

As well as the Grand Canyon, Google’s Street View Tours also covers:

  • Historic Italy (Link)
  • University Campuses (Link)
  • The Swiss Alps (Link)
  • Russian Highlights (Link)
  • NASA (Link)
  • The Ocean (Link)