Money: the one thing ever college student would love to have more of, aside from sleep, food, and arguably a longer weekend. All over the internet you are sure to find dozens of get rich quick schemes, ranging from taking hundreds of surveys for a few cents each to selling energy drinks in a pyramid scheme. Every now and then you may find a legitimate one, and by all means if you do please share in the comments below, however, today we’re going to look at my top 5 ways ranging from obvious to out of the ordinary to get some extra cash during your college years.


Sell Your Plasma

If you’re not afraid of needles and have a few hours to kill every couple of days, why not look into donating plasma? Requirements are pretty easy to meet; you must be over 18, weigh more than 110 pounds and pass a quick physical to be able to donate. Plasma donation centers are all over the country. Donations usually take 1 to 3 hours but most donation centers have TV’s, magazines, etc…to help pass the time.

Just by eating healthy and drinking more water, you can be donating plasma and making you an extra 200 dollars a month for no work at all.

Throw Parties

That’s right, you can make money throwing parties! Every college students dream, right?

It does require a bit of work…First, make an event for an upcoming weekend, make the date to far away and no one will remember, to close and no one will come.

Be sure to include that you’ll be selling Jungle Juice for 5 bucks a cup in the description. The night of the party, be sure to have change for twenties and tens and have the jungle juice in a place where you can control who gets a cup and who gets refills, this will prevent people stealing and also make sure no one drinks too much. Remember, it’s much better to have too much left over at the end of the night than to run out.

Typically, filling up a 5 gallon water cooler up and making a gallon of refills works well for the night, costs about 45 dollars and usually makes about 200 a night, throw good enough parties and you can actually charge at the door. To maximize profits, our house always follows the rule that no one drinks for free, it doesn’t matter how cute a lady is or how close a guy friend is you’re providing them the drinks, so 5 dollars isn’t too crazy to ask for.

The main problem with this method is by hosting parties constantly you may end up being on the police patrols party house list so they may be broken up more often, on top of that you do usually have to deal with puke, spilt drinks, and clean up the next morning.

Sell Your Notes

Are you constantly taking notes in class, good grades, and then throwing all those great notes out at the end of the semester. If you don’t have time to be a tutor for a class you sailed through, why not sell your notes? Package your notes together with your text books after the semester ends, this way you can get even more money for your work and textbook resale together. Or, make multiple copies and sell them over and over, just make sure you don’t include assignments, tests and make sure the syllabus / university doesn’t constitute it as cheating, especially if the professor re-uses them every semester. You do not want to end up in the same boat as the Harvard students cheating fiasco.

Donate Your Sperm

The idea to donate your sperm for money has been a good joke among college guys for years, it seems like the best way to make easy money, when in fact it’s actually harder than it seems!

First off, don’t even bother applying if you’re under six feet tall, and in most cases, Caucasian. If you make it through those two criteria you still have a long way to go. Next, most donation facilities require you to be at least in college (good job, that’s you!) if not already have a degree. After that comes an intensive screening and interviewing process about family history and health. Even after making it through that entire process you still have to donate a few times, sign a contract, remain abstinent a few days a week and then finally get your money, if you think it’s worth it, you can make anywhere from 40 to 100 dollars per donation, 3 times a week donating your little swimmers, which is good money…but, a little weird when you think about all the potential kids you may have out there.

Give Out Rides

If you have a car in college you are 100% more valuable to all your friends than anyone else. Offer rides when it’s convenient to you, out to the mall, grocery store and to class. With gas prices these days, it’s much easier on your wallet to be splitting gas money and everyone would rather ride in a car than a cramped bus.

Now, obviously, these are only a few of the many ways to make some extra money on the side, do you have any other crazy or cool ways to make money that I didn’t list; selling stuff on craigslist, being a tutor, being a getaway driver for bank robberies?

Leave your clever money-making schemes in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Philip Taylor PT