Back in January, we told you about CollegeHumor’s $5,000 Average Student Scholarship contest, set up to spotlight a forgotten league of American college students: the normal-achievers.

Many of these students are so forgettable that their very existence often slips minds. Except for today, as they step out from the shadows and are honored for being the reason over and underachievers get so much attention.

Of the more than 1,500 submissions received, the ones who stood out the most were:

    Scholarship Winners

  • David Timothy Cole – A young man whose name is so forgettable, I had to refer back to the winners list three times to make sure I got it right. David’s 2.083 GPA leaves him no room to underachieve and forces him to work just enough to maintain his just-getting-by average. The Ball State University sophomore is currently on probation because his studio class professors can’t seem to remember his work.
  • Jordan Bass – Narrowly avoiding access to most scholarships, Jordan’s decent 2.9 GPA in high school earned her a spot at the nation’s second-largest public university, the University of Central Florida. In her seemingly methodical plan to not stand out in life, the freshman chose marketing as her major. She hopes the scholarship will propel her to above-average status, as she eats uncooked ramen out of laziness, which is actually badass and definitely not normal. There’s hope for you yet, Jordan.
  • Runners-up

  • Jessica Lowe – Freshman, Monmouth University
  • Jose A. Lopez-Vera – Junior, Wayne State University
  • Phillip Alexander Kim – Freshman, New York University
  • Chelsea Zabel – Sophomore, University of Michigan

The Average Student Scholarship is the first of its kind from CollegeHumor. HackCollege caught up with the site’s editor-in-chief, Streeter Seidell, to inquire about future scholarships.

“The response from America’s average students was amazing. We sifted through an ocean of applications of impressively average students before finding our two winners,” says Seidell. “We’d love to continue giving out funny, random scholarships in the future – especially if our advertising partners are interested in teaming up with us. College is expensive, after all.”

To view winner and runner-up applications, pictures, and video submissions, head on over to the official Average Student Scholarship contest winners page.