College students and sleep don’t tend to get a long particularly well, particularly when it comes to getting rest at night, like normal people. Between late-night cramming and round-the-clock social lives, seeing a well-rested looking student on campus is about as rare as finding a unicorn. So you can imagine just how enthusiastic her fellow classmates were when Harvard Sophomore Yuqi Hou started a petition requesting that the Ivy League institution install a new “nap room” where students can go to rest in between classes.

“Most students operate daily on a sleep deficit, to the detriment of their health and productivity,” said Hou. “For those getting insufficient sleep at night, naps can provide alertness and help students take a break from their hectic schedules.”

After receiving 198 “yes” votes on the petition, Harvard’s administration is now seriously considering the addition as a means of bolstering moral on campus, especially after Dean of Harvard College Evelynn M. Hammonds polled students in an online survey and found that only 21% of Harvard students felt like they were sleeping enough at night.

Previous research conducted at Harvard itself has touted the benefits of 20-30 minute powernaps for providing short bursts of problem solving abilities.

“I see, every so often, people fall asleep in the library, and it’s sort of inconvenient,” Harvard senior Sam Singer. “And if you live far away from the yard you live far away from places where your classes might be to go back in the middle of the day. I know people often talk about taking a nap.”

If allowed, Harvard would join the University of Colorado-Davis in having a specifically designed sleep haven for tired students. Failing that, Hou hopes to follow University of California-Davis and the University of Texas’s example in creating a “sleep map” that details the best spots for students looking to snooze at school.