For most people, a laptop only lasts three to four years max. By a laptop’s fourth birthday, its battery is usually shot, keys are missing, the screen might be cracked, and in general it just isn’t the smooth running machine it once was. But there are simple tips & tricks to give your laptop a long and happier life.

  • Keep your cool: Laptops are notorious for overheating, to the point they burn your lap or in some cases back in the mid-2000s, even ignite. Tips for making sure your laptop doesn’t overheat include: check laptop fans are in order using diagnostic software from the company that manufactured your laptop, and clear air vents on the exterior of your laptop with a Q-tip.
  • Spring cleaning: Extra files, folders, and programs, take up space and will slow your laptop down. To tidy up, start with a disk cleanup which removes everything in the recycle bin and deletes temporary files. Next try using just 30%-60% of your memory space if possible – your laptop will run better longer.
  • Battery care: Some basic tips for extending battery life include never letting it run all the way down to empty, use hibernate mode when you don’t need your laptop rather than sleep or standby, dim your screen, don’t run too many programs at once, and turn off hardware like an external mouse and your Wi-Fi receiver if you aren’t using it.
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