Many streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu use geotracking software that only allows those in the US to view certain content. Wherever you live, it’s time to fix that!

Change your proxy settings. A proxy server is an IP address detector that filters your traffic based on location to optimize your information consumption. You have two options: you can find a proxy server in the broadcasting country and change your browser accordingly, or you can download browser add-ons to bypass ISP restrictions.

Option 1: Find a proxy server in the broadcasting country and choose a public proxy that will keep your viewing location anonymous. Charon is free software that can search proxy lists and tell you which ones are worthwhile: it will check proxies, and then do the sorting by country. Select “Spain” for example.

Change your browser settings. Go into our advanced settings, select the option that allows you to change your proxy server IP address and port, and enter Spain’s.

Option 2: Use Hola Unblocker as a browser add-on in Mozilla or Chrome. (Here’s how to add it on.) It also comes as a desktop client with extra features. This nifty application automatically detangles content that would normally not be available in your country, like using BBC iPlayer in the US for example.

Another add-on is IP Hider. For PC users. Download the free trial, select which country you’d like to browse in, and voila!