Tired of feeling inadequate compared to your ripped and toned trainer at the gym? Not self-motivated enough to actually stay on the treadmill longer than three and half minutes?

It’s time to update your workout – and for just a few bucks or less. For extra motivation turn your workout into a game with these apps:

1. ZOMBIES, RUN (zombiesrungame.com) – A Kickstarter funded success – Zombies, Run is a fitness game which puts you into a Zombie video game, sending you on 20-30 minute missions which require you to run, and run fast, because Zombies are after you. The app offers 30 different missions, allows you to run with music, work out in gym or outside, and even opt for interval training. So get out and run – lest the zombies get you!

2. Fleetly (fleetly.com) – Not motivated by the living dead? Maybe some healthy competition will kick you into gear. Fleetly, designed by a former triathlete, tracks your fitness workouts as you improve, and similar to FourSquare awards you recognitions when you succeed at a challenge. You can also compete against others.

3. Teemo (goTeemo.com) – More of a travel bug? Turn your workouts into a whirlwind travel adventure with Teemo – the app that virtually drops you into the world’s toughest fitness environments and gets your heart rate pumping and calories burning. Climb Mt. Everest, run through the desert, hike the Inca Trail, and more from your gym or the sidewalk around your neighborhood.

4. Fitocracy (fitocracy.com) – Last but not least, we have the app designed by your classic “weakling tech guy” – who we imagine isn’t so scrawny anymore based on the impressive difficulty of many of the app’s workouts. Similar to Fleetly, Fitocracy is all about community competition, but even more similar to a video game since each workout is a mission, assigning you a task each day to get fit. But don’t worry – you’ll be rewarded – virtually speaking of course – with each feat accomplished.