If you’re living in a college dorm, chances are your room is awful. I know mine was. Heck, it’s supposed to be, but you get used to it. You’re comfortable and it’s college. That’s fair.

What if I told you that you could make your room much better without working any harder. Would you panic? Call me a wizard? You should. I am a wizard, and this is how to improve your dorm.

1. Your Windows

You don’t have much room in your room, so it’s fitting that your first level of improvement extends to the outside. It’s simple, really: lift up your curtains. Everyone forgets about the benefits of  natural light, and everyone leaves them closed so they don’t get watched while they have awesome sex, or, more realistically, so they can sleep in without the sun waking them.

Well, fair enough. But lift those curtains up and you get a widened visual field plus natural light. Now, open your windows. I don’t care if it’s cold- you can close them later. Especially in the cold, people don’t open their windows and the stale college dorm-air becomes a standard. Screw that.

Open your windows, or leave them open while you’re out at class, then close them when your back. You’ll be a little cold briefly, but your room will be breathable and smell better.

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2. Your Stuff

You have too much stuff. Look around your room carefully: you’re used to everything there, so you aren’t aware of what you can get rid of. It no longer jumps out to you, but look again: do you have books out that you don’t read? Do you have an old essay or outdated to-do list on your desk? Toss them. Do you have shirts that don’t fit or are stupid? Goodwill them. The less stuff you have around the less likely it is to clutter your room up.

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3. Maintenance

Empty your gross personal trash can and do your laundry more often. Your room will smell better and it’ll look better. Plus you’ll have clean socks every time. It’s a good hustle.

Similarly, don’t hang your damp towels in your room. Hang them in the bathroom instead and your room will smell better. Yay science!

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4. Get Cool Stuff

It’s that easy. Bring your N64 from home. Bring your old paper-mache frog you made at summer camp. Decorate your room a little in a way that makes it look cool to guests and look friendly to you. Hang up those little glow-in-the-dark stars they sell on the walls and the ceiling: it’s awesome, girls love it, it’s easy, it’s cheap- it’s a great idea. Little touches like that improve your dorm room, but they’re the hardest to do in some ways.

Correcting a problem is step one, but actively improving your room is step two.

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5. Enjoy It

Ultimately, your room isn’t about your stuff or that weird smell or even your room-mate. It’s about you and your college experience. Even when you get a house, you’ll miss some stuff about your dorm: the ability to walk around in pajamas and see your friends, the joy of…um…okay, that’s the only good thing about the dorms. But hey, it’s there.

So invite some people to your newly upgraded room, drink some hard cider in pajamas, and play some games on that N64 you brought over. And then, when it gets late, and the gentle breeze wafts in your slightly-open window you can put your arm around someone and point at the beautiful consolations hanging right above your bed and slowly move in for the kiss.

At least until your room-mate gets back. Man, dorms are the worst.

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