One drink, two drink, three drink…floor.

If you’re a college student, chances are that you have drunk from time to time or almost all the time. Students always joke about how much they can drink and “apologize to my liver before tonight”. You may not put much thought into it, but depending on your drinking habits, you may be doing more damage than you think every time you go out and “binge drink”.

Binge Drinking

When you hear the words binge drinking you probably think of a movie style frat party and drinking 15 beers or more a night. That may seem like way more beers or drinks than you could even drink in a night, but believe it or not binge drinking is classified as anything more than 5 beers for men and 4 beers for women. In fact, anything roughly over a beer an hour isn’t good for you. Sound a little more like your Friday night, or maybe even every night of spring break?

So, what does that do to your body?


Let’s look at the part of the body that everyone and their brother likes to joke about, the damage it does to your liver. If you don’t know, your liver performs more than 500 functions to your body, the main one being to break down and eliminate toxins as well as breaking down fats. The most common issue among college aged students and 15 million people in the United States overall is fatty liver.

Fatty liver occurs after drinking a moderate or large to excessive amount of alcohol for a long period of time. When this happens, like the name states your liver becomes “fatty” and cannot process the amount of alcohol you are ingesting. This can be relatively easily to reverse if you slow down your drinking and start exercising and drinking more water.

However, keep this up for long periods of time and it can lead to liver scarring and liver disease. In fact, want to go see some gross pictures to burn into your memory forever? No, I’m not talking about the ones of your birthing process… go Google some pictures of fatty liver or if you have a really strong stomach, cirrhosis of the liver. That might make you want to hold off on the Keg stands for a couple days.

In a recent study, 43 percent of college students have recently admitted to binge drinking at least once a week, which considering it is only five beers to be “binge drinking” doesn’t surprise me, I’m sure many of you could be considered to have binge drank a few nights this week alone.

This article isn’t supposed to make me sound like your mom and tell you to never drink again, maybe you’re having a beer while you read this, good! Have two, have 10 (joking). Its purpose is to get you to think, after you go out for a long night of drinking, or even a long weekend, give your body some much needed TLC. Drink some water, skip on the McDonalds for a few days go exercise and let your liver get back into fighting shape for the next weekend.

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Have any tips you use to save your liver? Drink of water between beers? 5 Mile run after every shot? Leave them in the comments below!