Spring Break is upon us (woo!) which means some of us will be drinking in exotic locations (woo!) and, some of us, like myself, will be at home drinking with their old friends from home (woo!). But you can still have a good spring break, even without the plane tickets. Drinks are drinks, friends are friends, and breaks are breaks. Cobbling together a good break just takes a little more creativity to piece together.

1. Identify Your Strengths.

What’s good about where you are?

“Nothing” is the easy response to give if you’re trapped at home while all your friends are out at the Virgin Islands. But maybe you’re in or near a city. Maybe if you’re out in the suburbs you’re closer to good weather and good outdoor options: camping, a road-trip, or just smoking in a beautiful crisp evening. Maybe you have a piece of junk car. So what? It’s a car. Drive. Go somewhere. You have time to act and to do.

Speaking of which…

2. Do Something

Don’t play Call of Duty. Go play lazer tag or paintball. Don’t watch spring training games: get plastered and find your nearest double-a baseball team to heckle with your friends. Don’t go and get burgers: try to make absurd monster-burgers with your friends after buying twice as much bacon and goat-cheese than any reasonable person would need. Spring Break is about having stories and having action to do during it. Just relaxing isn’t enough for your break. You need to be doing, too.

Another easy suggestion is find a weird casino in your state and go there with a bunch of friends dressed in cheap suits and a flask of cinnamon-whiskey your weird friend brought. It’s going to be a weird night, one way or the other. Anything could happen, and that’s what you want.

3. Spend Some Money

Spring break isn’t about responsibility or even about making sense: it’s about doing cool stuff, no matter what. If you didn’t have the money to go to Mexico for the “ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE!!!” you got invited to on Facebook, treat yourself: spend 12% of that money on extra weird stuff to do around town. Treat yourself and use that money to open up options that otherwise don’t add up. Is that concert going to be worth that $40 ticket? Maybe not, but you just saved yourself a grand. Give those things a shot and split the difference.

4. Explore

Your home town might be bigger than you think.

I live in a suburb of Boston. I’m crazy bored with it, but that’s where I’ll be over spring break. So I’m going to have to explore. I’m going to go to China Town with some friends of mine and go through the north end. We’re going to hop on the train and get off on a random stop. It might be terrible, but even if it is, we can just hop right back on the train. You can do that too and you should.

5. Reverse It

If you’re really a pessimist and none of this cheered you up, go the opposite direction with your spring break. Spend it miserably. No, not sleeping in and Netflix: I mean do the opposite. Get ahead on your work. Go to the gym every day. Eat healthy. Devote your break to the anti-break: work on your resume, run errands and do everything you’ve been postponing. If it’s going to be a terrible break anyway, you may as well save up your money and spare time for having fun back at college.

But go that weird casino though. That’s going to be a time.