Is your desktop looking a little cluttered? Here are a few tips to help you gain control:

1. First things first: If you’re just moving your files into “Documents”, create shortcut folders on your desktop, but limit the number of folders. For example:

  • Create an “Actions” folder for items such as forms to fill out or files to upload. Create a “Current Projects” folder containing long term items you’re working on, like presentations for work. Once the project is complete, move it to “Archives.”

2. Choose a clean or attractive wallpaper you don’t want to clutter, and consider putting your shortcuts elsewhere, like your menu or launch bar. (2) But if you’re the kind of person who wants everything at your fingertips…

  • Check out Fences. This free program lets you lasso your icons into clean little boxes you can label.
  • Or try Dexpot, a program that turns your desktop into four, categorized by different wallpapers of your choice, so you can put your icons on whichever screen you like.
  • For Macs, try using ”Otto” the Automator, the Mac’s native application for setting up automated tasks. Check it out in your applications folder.

If you like the sound of Fences, you can build your own version in Photoshop. Choose your wallpaper, create a new layer and add boxes or lines.