A death at the University of Central Florida has led to the discovery of explosive devices in a university tower dormitory.

Police were called to UCF’s Tower 1 dorm after a fire alarm went off early this morning. A 911 call claiming that a man with a gun was inside the dorm was received as officers were on route. Meanwhile, students quickly evacuated the building.

After arriving on the scene, officers found a man dead from what is believed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The man was confirmed to have been a UCF student.

The FBI and local authorities are investigating the explosive devices found in the student’s room for removal. According to a campus spokeswoman, an assault weapon and handgun were also discovered.

Hank Kleinberg, a senior and Tower 1 resident, was one of around 500 students evacuated from the dorm.

“Everyone in the apartment thought it was a fire so we just grabbed whatever we could and ran downstairs,” Kleinberg told UCF’s campus newspaper, the Central Florida Future. “From what I’ve heard about what’s going on, I am kinda glad they got me out of the building because I heard ‘assault weapons, explosives.’”

No manifesto of any kind was found in the dead student’s dorm apartment.

Classes that start before noon have been cancelled on the university’s main campus. UCF has over 59,000 students enrolled, making it the second-largest university in the country.

Source: Orlando Sentinel | Image: keone