Everyone needs closet space
. Females are already well knowledgeable on this fact. Are you a guy reading this and saying, “Whatever”? Dude. You need closet space too…even if only to make room for video games and Blu-Rays. Reading closely now? Good.

Closet space isn’t just for clothes. It allows you to open up spacial flexibility throughout your living space, and you can do it neatly and inexpensively with some of these quick and awesome DIY tips.

1. Save off-season clothes in totes and label them

Totes are pretty cheap and you needed them to move anyway. Why not put ‘em to use in the closet? Sweaters in summer? No need. Khaki shorts in winter? Please.

Lift lid, fold, place inside, close.

Don’t have a printer at home or can’t afford more paper or ink toner for the labels? Use the library. They charge you fees for its maintenance anyway. Get the most elaborate pics you can find for your tote labels and print away. Bonus points if you can scam some color print-offs.

2. Use luggage as totes

That luggage you got as a high school sophomore Christmas present from Grandma? It was a sweet hint at her wanting you to visit more, but they can also work as replacement totes if you can’t afford any. Stick your picture labels on ‘em and call it good. (To those of you that may think this in poor taste, once the closet doors are closed no one knows a damn thing. So pipe down.)

3. Add an extra closet rod

There are tons of options for additional closet rods. Many of them under $10 at your local Super-mega-cheap-mart or whatever. Get the right one and you could double your closet space immediately.

4. Closet door shoe rack

Closet shoe racks can get pricey depending on your level of fancy. But the simplest ones are $15 or less and last for all the time that matters at college…unless you’re the 7th-year-Junior-type.

5. Use soda can or beer can tabs to hang clothes

Soda Tab Hangers

This works wonders.

6. Tabs not enough? Use an old belt to hang your clothes in groups

Just put the belt into the loops in pants and close it up around a hanger or closet rod.

7. Add a shelf

Adding a shelf means buying a piece of wood (or breaking up one of those old dressers left by the dumpster) and buying two brackets to hold it up. The brackets and wood together MIGHT be five bucks total at the hardware store. Measure first, though. You don’t want to burn gas making multiple trips because you don’t know how to use a ruler.

Best part? You don’t even have to install it yourself. Your apartment or dorm has a maintenance guy. Report something else that needs looking at like a toilet that won’t stop running or something and make sure you’re there when he comes. Maintenance folk tend to get emotionally pummeled between building management and the ungrateful tenants they service. Be really nice and offer a snack or drink and he’ll probably do all the work for you. Besides, he knows the apartment better than you anyway.

Make sure you clear it with apartment management first. They probably won’t complain or even charge your deposit since the addition will increase the desirability of the apartment when you leave.

The easiest and fastest way to make space in your closet though is to throw stuff out! If you haven’t worn it in months, give it to someone that could use it, like the Goodwill for example. That way you save space and the environment.

Photo Credit: LizMarie_AK