Spring Break has begun. For college students across the country, its an excuse to shirk all responsibility for a week of partying that has grown all the more anarchic over the years, a notion supported by police from South Padre Island, reportedly home to the world’s largest beach party, reported on Tuesday morning that the popular spring break destination had already generated scores of arrests in the short term since Spring Break season has begun.

Just four days into spring break, South Padre police are reporting a total of 109 arrests so far. All of the arrests have occured before March 12th, just as the party season has begun. Fire Chief Burney Baskett expecting between 400-500 calls regarding parties throughout the rest of the week. In an interview with the Brownsville Herald, the fire chief said that most of the calls are the result of dehydration and over-intoxication.

Approximately 60,000 more students were estimated to have arrived over the weekend. One event that yielded mass intervention on the Coca-Cola beach resulted in five arrests and the police shutting down the entire party. One mobile hospital unit, which houses 16 beds, treated over 60 patients on Saturday, all before 4:00 PM.

The Texas beach town is notorious for being one of the wilder Spring Break locales, with local vendors offering t-shirts that read “Don’t tell Madre what happens at Padre,” and earned the #2 sport on Coed Magazine’s list of Trashiest Spring Break Destinations 2013.

“If you don’t feel like taking part in the ready-made ragers, starting your own is as easy as throwing a keg in the sand. SPI is one of the few locations where alcohol is legal on the beach,” says Coed Magazine.

Now may be a good time to also remind our readers of the importance of drinking water, and some good ways of avoiding a particularly nasty hangover.