There are times when we receive our phone bill and wonder if we’re really optimizing our usage to the best of our ability. Whether you use your phone for business or fun, here are some tips that will have you covered.

1. You can access the power of Google without having to open your browser.

Just text your inquiry to “GOOGL” or 46645, and within the next minute, it’ll text you back. Let’s say you’re in a new neighborhood and jonesing for a cup of coffee, just text “coffee shop” along with your zip code, and it will shoot a couple listings back. When math is hard, it works for unit conversions. You can look up word definitions, pizza joints, and even movie listings.
2. If you frequently make costly international calls, there’s a cheaper way to do it.

Try accessing or, which will allow you to send a text to their servers: if you’ve already registered the number you’re calling, it will place your call, or, you’ll get a call back with a prompt to manually enter the number. uses standard phone lines and costs about 6 cents a minute. uses a method called Voice over Internet Protocol and only costs around 2 cents a minute, but it’s a little less reliable.