Have you ever been at a concert and tried to record a clip of the band’s performance? If so, you probably know that it’s difficult to keep your eyes on both the camera and the live action at the same time. When you’re holding your phone upright against a crowd of bobbing heads and waving hands, you don’t know what your camera lens is actually capturing unless you look at your screen. The MirrorCase is a case for iPhone 4/4S–there is also an iPhone 5 version coming soon– that aims to solve this problem, so that you can be a part of the action instead of behind the scenes.

To use the MirrorCase to take photos and videos on your iPhone, you need to download the free MirrorCase iOS companion app from the iTunes App Store. The MirrorCase app allows you to easily choose options such as portrait/landscape mode, The MirrorCase’s reflective lens does a pretty good job of maintaining image quality. I did not notice a significant difference between photos taken using the MirrorCase addon lens and those taken without it.

While this case could be useful for avid iPhoneographers and the stealth factor is definitely fun, there are some reservations I would have about using this as my primary iPhone case. The case is shaped awkwardly– it gets wider at the top, which would make it somewhat inconvenient to carry in phone holders or pockets. Also, I would prefer it if the case was compatible with the default iOS Camera app, rather than requiring a separate companion app.

If you frequently use your iPhone to take candid photos or video, though, the MirrorCase’s unique design allows you to use your iPhone camera from a more relaxed, natural position and could be a good option. The MirrorCase for iPhone 4/4S retails for $49.95. 

Want to take your own stealth iPhone photographs for free? We are picking one random reader to receive a MirrorCase for iPhone 4/4S! If you want to enter your name to win a MirrorCase, simply comment on this post with your name and a way to contact you (email, Twitter, etc) before Wednesday, March 27th 12:00 P.M. EST. Thanks!