CARROT is a to-do list app for the iPhone that takes your ability (or lack thereof) to get things done personal.

First impressions may leave you thinking it’s just another to-do app focusing on simplicity and design; but upon further inspection you’ll discover CARROT features more than an aesthetically pleasing interface. Its gamification and humorous, yet cruel motivation features provide users with an extra push, which standard to-do apps lack.

Carrot App Mood Swing

Because CARROT has a dark side; something undeniably inspired by Portal character GLaDOS and HAL-9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey. And it does not appreciate slackers.

“Greetings, lazy human.”

If you’re lazy and not completing tasks, CARROT will tell you. If you’re completing tasks on time, you’ll be rewarded with things such as compliments, interesting facts, and fortunes.

Completing tasks also earns level upgrades which unlock additional fun and useful features. At level 18, reminders and due dates are unlocked, Siri can be used to add tasks at level 24, and level 28 adds the ability to set recurring tasks.

Some may not enjoy having to work for extra features, but CARROT wants you to work for everything. It does lack in a lot of standard to-do app features, such as the ability to tag items or use categories for multiple lists. However, those using CARROT for the occasional kick to fight procrastination will appreciate its simplicity.

Usually $0.99, CARROT is free today to celebrate its version 3.0 update. It requires iOS 6.0 or later and can be downloaded from the App Store.