Whether you’re working on a major project or tackling a few chores around the house, Flow makes creating, organizing, and collaborating on tasks easy.

While Flow lets you run your personal life more efficiently, it also provides the platform to collaborate with others on shared tasks. Collaboration on projects is simple. You can invite friends/colleagues/classmates to tasks and tackle them as a team. Seamless collaboration is the secret to a productive group, with Flow you can share, delegate and discuss tasks to see your project through to the final stages.

Flow provides powerful features that allow you to create, organize and accomplish tasks. When the paper and pen to-do list has finally failed you for the last time and your life moves too fast to keep up, you need an easy solution. Flow is all about easily navigating from one task to another.

Collaboration only works when the entire team is in sync. The iOS app delivers all the functionality of the web app allowing you to work on tasks anytime, anywhere. Your group or team can be completing tasks together regardless of where you’re all located.

Flow is available for $30 off over at GetFlow.com from now until April 5th, 2013.