You’re back from Spring Break, and it’s the second half of the second semester. That means this is the fourth quarter, and, if Basketball has taught me anything, it’s that the fourth quarter is the only quarter worth watching. Baseball wise, this is the home-stretch. Hockey wise, I have no idea. I don’t watch hockey. I’m an American.

Now, depending on your year, you have a variety of options for how to handle the tail end of your year. Starting with…

Freshmen: Don’t panic. I know you feel the energy in the air: the school is heating up, layers of clothing are falling, and you finally know the school well enough to have an opinion on what parties to go to and what people you like. College is going to be great for you, and the worst thing you can do is rush it. This may be the fourth quarter of the year, but it isn’t even the halfway point of your college experience. It’s not the fourth quarter for you: it’s the first quarter. So don’t rush into anything, or pressure yourself to get a specific hook-up done because you have years ahead of you. You’ll stay in contact with the people you want to, so don’t over-react. Enjoy and look forward to next year: you won’t be a Freshman. Boy will it be sweet.

Sophomores: This is where things get interesting. Freshmen shouldn’t panic, but you should. Not panic, of course, but stay aware: if your friends are headed abroad, you may need to get together a crew. If you’re headed abroad too, there’s going to be a pause. Things are going to be different when you get back, or when your friends leave, so strike while the iron’s hot. Prepare yourself for next year while getting your Sophomore year done right: time’s no longer a given. Similarly, get something to do this summer. Freshman year summer you didn’t know better, and Junior year summer even if you stay put, you can at least drink. Sophomore year is the most important summer to have something to do during, so get on it.

Juniors: Don’t panic. Notice a trend so far? Even number years are when people rush to the end and even years is when people get comfortable. At the end of Junior year you may feel old- I know I did- but you won’t be. So don’t go too hard and prepare for your next year.

Seniors: Panic. Panic some more. Guys, we have weeks left- not years, not months, but weeks- to be irresponsible. Of course, that’s if you have a job lined up. I, like many of you, don’t, and will continue being irresponsible for the foreseeable future- but it won’t be guilt-free like this is. So get a grill, a 12-pack, and all your friends, and text all the bad decisions in your phone. Do something, because there’s no time like the present. Think like this: you have a chance to go back in time to your most idyllic times in college, and that time is right now. Classes? For nerds. Parties? On Wednesday. Pizza? For breakfast. Why not? It’s the end of the world as we know it. Let’s go out with a bang.