Unfortunately for you, you’re graduating in the midst of a recession, and it’s taking you much longer than you expected to find a job. Well, you’re in luck. Here are four jobs to get as a recent graduate to avoid letting your brain turn to mush. They’re great ways to pay your student loans, keep your brain sharp, and have something worthwhile to put on your resume while you look for a high-paying entry-level position. And almost all of them will allow you to live in any of the 10 best cities for new college grads!

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

I guess anyone at any age can fly off to South Korea and teach English, but it’s especially excellent for recent grads. You get to put off joining the real world of 9-5ers without going into grad school debt or returning to your hometown to live with your parents. It’s the best way to find fun and independence without fully leaving Never Never Land. Right now you can make a higher yearly salary than most of your peers if you head to South Korea, Japan, China, or Saudi Arabia to teach English as a Foreign Language. Grab a certificate online, and you’re ready to go!


Working in a restaurant is often addictive. You get paid for social hour, even if you deal with guests who seem out to ruin your night and ensure you remain in debt forever. It’s a love-hate thing. Bartending, on the other hand, is whatever you make of it. You’re almost always guaranteed to make $20 an hour, you get perks like a beer with the boss, you normally get at least 1 free meal a day, and you can network your ass off from behind the bar. If you’re in a busy, respectful bar, you have to use all corners of your brain for your 6-hour shift, which is more than you can say about most of your classes! As long as you’re taking job-hunting seriously, bartending can be an excellent way to stay afloat and keep your brain fresh while you look for a way to utilize your diploma!

Entry Level Copywriting

Let’s face it, if you can write a 10-page paper on the relevance of modern sitcoms to Freud’s Id and Ego theories, you can write about anything. You know it, I know it, and lucky for you, many employers know it. The market is on fire with copywriting positions right now, and it’s a great way to make a little money while you’re looking for your big break. Whether you’re in banking, medicine, literature, or marketing, copywriting on a variety of topics will not only teach you about them, but also keep your brain up to speed while you search for permanent positions.

Commission-Based Sales or Retail

No, we’re not telling you to go work at Forever 21 like a high schooler, please don’t do that. Instead, you should find some sort of commission-based option for a great way to turn on your sales smile without completely killing your brain cells. There are many companies, like Career Builder, that offer incredibly high commission, and allow you to build a respectable resume while you’re working in a different field. You can make a pretty penny, fire up your cerebellum, and keep job hunting on the side. If you choose commission-based retail, just don’t turn into Kristin Wiig’s bitter and resentful character from Bridesmaids!