Dropbox is cloud storage that syncs your data from not only your computer, but your tablet and phone as well. You can even share data between devices, even if they’re not on the same network. Here’s how to track your stolen computer with Dropbox:

Step 1: Sign up for a free account and install the Dropbox software on your computer from www.dropbox.com. It’s simple, run the dropbox installer, double-click the dropbox icon and it should appear in your menu bar.

Step 2: Get your computer stolen. Simply achieved by leaving it unattended in a public space or by choosing some not-so-great friends.

Step 3: Now here’s the clever part. Sign into your dropbox account online and go to the Settings tab in the top right menu options. In Settings click the Security tab, you’ll find a list of devices linked with your account. Identify the stolen device and move your cursor over the blue info icon associated with the device. A  pop-up will display the device’s IP address. Dropbox syncs with the server regularly, so if the jerk logs on, you can report their location to the proper authority.

Also, If you’re lucky, you might be able to access documents they create or upload containing their info, like statements containing their name and address.