Being a college student means taking a few classes that make you take notes every single class. This can get a little boring sometimes, and it might even make you want to skip class. But why are those notes important? Here is why I think they are.

Good Notes = Good Grades

I’m not going to present you with statistical evidence as to why taking good notes give you better grades. Instead I can just tell you that by experience, they help your chances of doing better on papers, quizzes, exams, or any homework assignments.

When you take good notes, you give yourself a chance to remember what was said two or three weeks ago that is proving to be very important. Oftentimes professors will give you so much valuable information that you’ll need to know later on in the semester and the reason why people remember those things is because they write them down.

Study Aides

What do you call those things that help you study for an exam in a couple of days? Notes.

If studying is one of your strong suits, chances are you take notes that take you to the next level of understanding the information. No matter what the subject is, notes can always help you, just as long as you commit to taking good ones. I’ve often been in situations where I get to the end of the semester and I realize that I didn’t take good enough notes earlier on in the semester. That’s karma that is coming back for some payback. The only person that I hurt is myself.

Producing Productivity

When you take notes in class or from your assigned reading, you are able to be more productive. You get the chance to stay as focused and on task as possible, helping you retain more information. Chances are, you’re going to be able to learn more information if you’re comfortable with it and if it’s a subject that you actually like.

When you can be productive because of your notes, you know that you’re setting yourself up for success.

Penmanship (or words per minute)

They say that practice makes perfect. I don’t know how much truth is in that saying but I would definitely say that the more time that you spend doing something, the better off you’d be in the long run. If you sit in the gym and shoot 1000 free throws, you’re going to be better at it afterwards. If you practice speaking in front of crowds, you’ll learn how to do it better.

The same thing goes with penmanship. If you prefer writing things out with a good old pen and pad of paper, you’ll start to get better penmanship, which is always a good quality to have. If you prefer taking notes on your computer, you’ll learn how to type faster, leading you to be more efficient by the time that you’ve been exposed to it for a while.

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