A toaster oven is an oven the size of a toaster. Petite, but powerful, it’s an ingenious tool that allows the flexibility of cooking full meals without the trouble of owning a full oven.

No having a gas line installed in your place and no paying for gas. You just plug it in, prepare, cook and eat. And unlike a microwave your food won’t be cold in the middle. Ugh.

Toaster oven meals listed from easiest to hardest:

1. Hardboiled Eggs

Thought you needed a pot of boiling water on a stove to get some hardboiled egg flavored love? Of COURSE not! You don’t even need pans and aluminum foil and all that other crap either. Just set ‘em in there and cook.

Want to impress your friends and add a twist? Scramble ‘em inside the shell first.

2. Grilled Cheese

Toaster oven meals don’t get more flexible than the grilled cheese. It’s cheese, bread and whatever else you want. From prep to cook, 10 minutes will put a cheesy smile all over your greasy face.

3. Tuna Melt

Tuna is a high protein meat with a lot of flavor. Add to the flavor by throwing tomatoes in it with swiss and sharp cheddar cheeses. Amazing.

4. Fried Chicken Tenders

Chicken tenders are the staple of nearly every 6 year old’s diet. No one said you had to grow out of it though. Use this recipe to ensure that you get to enjoy one of your favorite meals even when in the cramped confines of a university dorm room. Just substitute any bbq sauce you want for the one in the recipe and get it done.

5. Quesadillas

Quesadillas ain’t just for Taco Bell or the Mexican restaurant up the street. Your little engine-that-could, aka your toaster oven, can hook ‘em up too. There are elaborate recipes all over the place involving exotic ingredients you need a native speaker to pronounce, but this simple one will suffice. It’s quick and easy and will chill your hunger inside of 20 minutes.

6. English Muffin Pizza

In college pizza doesn’t contain food groups, it is its own food group. That Freshman 15 won’t put on itself! A few ingredients, 15 minutes and you’ll be in the game.

7. Breakfast Bagel

Your parents were right, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why not start it off with something delicious and simple? A bagel with prosciutto, cheese, mustard and mayo on a poppy seed bagel sound tasty? Thought so. Substitute ham in for the prosciutto to keep costs down.

8. Toasted Oven Lasagna

You might have to kick out a couple more bucks as this recipe will be one of the more expensive, but still under $10 per meal if you pay attention. Plus, this could make you King Of The Dorm as the smells will be up the nostrils of everyone on the hall. It makes enough for an athlete or for someone trying to impress…hint hint.