In this ever-expanding world of technology, social media, and online presence, jobs are starting to become innovative with the way that they both search and hire potential candidates. This means that the traditional resume and cover letter approach doesn’t guarantee you that you will get a call back, or that your stuff will even be seen. Because of this, it’s vital that you begin to get with the times. Here’s why I think it’s important to create a personal website to make yourself stand out.

Personal branding

We live in a world where personal branding is rocketing upwards. Employers and recruiters are looking for people who are savvy in the world of social media and technology. When you create a personal website, you show those people how important it is to you that you’re creating a name for yourself online. You’re also telling them that you have a pretty good understanding of what it means to brand yourself and make yourself available to the rest of the world.

That makes you a great candidate, and can even make the difference when it comes to interviewing and getting a job. Use this to your advantage.

Online presence

Having an online presence that isn’t on social media is absolutely wonderful for employers to see; when they see that your life isn’t just about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they’ll start taking you seriously. Creating a website helps you show them that your online presence is a force to be reckoned with (or at least looked at and read). This shows them that you’re open and honest with what you’re looking for.

Standing out

Being unique when you’re looking for a job is what you should work towards. You don’t want to be exactly like all of the other people who are applying for the job that you’re applying for. You want to be better.

Creating a personal website can do just that for you, especially if you reference it in your interview or on a business card. People will take you seriously and know that you’re someone that they want.

Increased ability to market yourself

Any time that you can market yourself (in a positive light) is a great thing. Having a website that markets your abilities, your past experience, and the work that you have will give you a leg up on the competition. It gives employers a place to go after the interview that can reiterate everything that you said in the interview, plus everything that you didn’t say that you wanted to.


When people see that you have a website with all of your information, past works, online resume, etc. on it, you become a versatile candidate for their company. They see that you’re transparent with what you involve yourself in. This instantly makes you 1000 times better than the next guy in line who doesn’t have this in his arsenal.

All in all, if it does nothing else for you, creating a personal website gives you the chance to start learning a language that isn’t widely known: HTML.

A buddy of mine, Thomas Frank, who runs the site College Info Geek, created a YouTube video of how to create a personal website in 10 minutes. Take a look.