The popular iOS Gmail client, Mailbox, has thrown out its highly publicized reservation system and made the app available for all to download.

Mailbox exploded onto the scene back in February, quickly becoming one of the most talked about apps thanks to its ability to simplify an inbox using mobile-friendly mechanics and an easy-to-use interface.

Through simple gestures and timing options, Mailbox prides itself on making the often difficult task of getting to zero unread messages quick and efficient. These gestures include both left and right swiping, making email feel more like a to-do list.

A short right swipe will archive an email, while a full swipe will delete it. A short swipe left will set it aside for later and a full swipe will bring up filing options. A full-fingered left swipe allows you to set your entire inbox aside for later.

These are the features that Mailbox calls “modern tech for an ancient medium.”

Last month, the app caught the attention of cloud storage service, Dropbox, and was acquired alongside its parent company for $100 million.

With Mailbox now under Dropbox, the resources required to fulfill requests and maintain service for its one million users are no longer an issue.

So if you’ve been waiting on pins and needles to get your hands on Mailbox, the wait is over. The latest version, updated today, includes “faster swiping to smarter snoozes” and is available free on the App Store.