Google hasn’t yet invented a way for a research paper to write itself, but word on the street is they’re working on it. You, however, can’t wait past Monday morning to get yours completed. It’s going to be a long weekend of sitting at a computer desk in a locked room for you.

But the Internet is a lovely place, filled with Youtube videos and subreddits waiting to distract you. There are tools out there to help give you some willpower to cut down on Internet distractions until the job’s done. Use them.

1. Create a separate account with limited access

Both Chrome and Firefox have the ability to start up separate browsing accounts. Create one with limited access to websites you frequent.

2. Mac Users: Self-Control

This free app for Mac devices will block your access to distracting Internet sites. Even works on mail servers. Set it to work for a certain amount of time on these websites and you’re locked out no matter what until time expires.


3. Leechblock

Works pretty much the same as StayFocused for Chrome in that it limits how much time you can play on the sites that distract you. It is pretty much the defacto site blocker for FireFox and is quite the powerful little focusing tool.

4. BlockSite

BlockSite not only blocks the sites you tell it to, it also disables the hyperlinks that link to them.

5. ReminderFox

Grab all your due dates and throw them into ReminderFox and it will give you periodic reminders of when your various projects and papers are due.


6. Antisocial

Antisocial blocks social media widgets from loading. Hard to think about facebook if there’s no reminders of its existence on your research websites, right?

7. StayFocused

StayFocused limits the amount of time you can spend on certain websites so if you need to take a break, you can. But only for a previously specified amount of time.

8. I-Am-Studying

I-Am-Studying will block your distracting websites, but allow for a 10-minute snooze break when you try to access them. After that 10 minutes the site is blocked for an hour.

9. Chrome Nanny

Chrome Nanny works like most other website blocking except it’s a little bit more rigid in its restrictions. If you need a little more hardcore restraint this is more your speed.

10. Strict Pomodoro

Strict Pomodoro is different in that it it allows a work timer and a break timer. If your work cycle doesn’t require you to stay embedded for hours at a time this is all you.

11. Rescue Time Productivity Meter

This program won’t block any sites, but it will tell you where you spend your time. Sometimes seeing how much time you spend on reddit will be enough to guilt you off of it…briefly.

12. Memorize!

You need to memorize a bunch of facts you don’t care about? Use Memorize! You enter the questions and answers you need to memorize in the program and every now and then it’ll ask you while you browse. Once you’ve answered them correctly, it stops. Magic!

13. Facebook Courage Wolf

This does nothing besides put a snarling wolf in the background of your facebook page. It serves as a light hearted reminder to get back to work. Every little bit helps.