No matter where you’re located, you’re bound to run into online region-locked content. Amateur videos are generally accessible to anyone on the web through streaming services such as YouTube and Vimeo, but professional content such as movies and television shows will often times be locked to the country or region from which it’s produced.

This is typically due to partnered advertisers targeting a specific country with their product and an unwillingness to pay for viewers in regions where their product is unavailable.

The easy solution for media companies is to simply lock the unwanted viewers out out of the service completely or leave an unavailable note on each video.

So, what are you to do when you find yourself an unwanted viewer facing a locked video or service? You find a bypass, of course.

Media Hint is one such service that works as an online video bypass, allowing users to access services such as Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and more. It’s a simple one-click browser extension install that will take you from locked to unlocked within the time it takes you to refresh a page.

The service was launched at Garage48, an organization working to give European and African entrepreneurs the opportunity to turn their ideas into reality in just 48 hours.

Being in the United States, I generally don’t find much content blocked; but content from the UK is often the one thing I’d like to see that’s unavailable due to my location. Upon installing Media Hint, however, both BBC iPlayer and Channel 4 (E4) were viewable with surprisingly fast loading times.

We’ve previously discussed Hola Unblocker, another service that unlocks media restrictions.

Media Hint is available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Let us know which service you use to bypass online region locks and what content you’re viewing in the comments below.