The practice of meditation is growing in recognition as it helps business leaders deal with the complications that rise from a fast-paced and complex industry, according to Georgetown University.

During a conference in Washington last week, Georgetown announced it would be soon be offering a semester-long class on mediation at its McDonough School of Business.

Billionaire hudge fund manager Ray Dalio detailed how meditation helped him in his investing at the same conference, Reuters reported. Dalio is the founder of the largest hedge fund in the U.S., Bridgewater Associates, which manages $142 billion for its clients.

“Meditation more than anything in my life was the biggest ingredient for whatever success I’ve had,” said Dalio, during an interview at Georgetown last October. “[Meditation] gives me a centeredness, it gives me an ability to look at things without the emotional hijacking, without the ego, in a way that gives me a certain clarity.”

On April 9, Georgetown hosted Dalio and two meditation experts for a presentation called “Meditation and Leadership: Leading from the Center.”

But even if you’re not in business, meditation has its benefits. Whether you’re looking to improve grades or reduce stress, the practice seems to have universal benefits.

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Image: Kathrine Hala