Cheap alarm clocks are awesome because they are loud. Cheap alarm clocks are not awesome in that they will probably piss off your roommate. True, it’s their fault for taking all afternoon classes, but be cool. You never know when you need the homestead to yourself.

The cooperation of your roommate is of paramount importance when your significant other’s  weekend visit coincides with the latest Modern Warfare or Madden release. And unless you want that lan party breaking up personal play time, exercise some courtesy.

There are a host of alarm clocks that are sure to wake you up and you only. The deciding factor, other than price, is what kind of sleeper you are. Are you a deep sleeper? Do you go to sleep in one position and wake up completely reversed? Do you flail about when out cold? There’s one for all of you and more. Here are some alternatively inexpensive alarm clocks to wake up to.

Smartphone Apps

Smartphone Apps

There are dozens of alarm clock apps for both Android and Iphone smartphones. Many are free. Many more cost money. Ignore them all. Your phone has an embedded function that works just fine. Set up the time for it to go off, put it under your pillow or inside your pillowcase and sleep well.

Personal Alarm Clocks

shake-awakeDo you have a tendency to flail about in your sleep with your arms and legs going every which way? The Shake-N-Wake alarm clock wraps around your wrist so you can’t knock it off the bed into your bedside glass of water. You can get it for about $15 or less plus shipping. Look around and get yourself a good deal.

Pillow Alarm Clocks

Do you like the idea of having something beneath your pillow or inside the pillowcase, but dislike using your expensive smartphone for that? Good.

The Hydas Pillow Clock is nice and small enough to fit under your pillow without feeling like your pillow has been laid on top of a brick. You can also slip it inside the pillowcase if you’re worried about beating it up. But since it costs $20 plus shipping (or not if you can find it at your local supermegamart) you don’t have to worry about babying it like your cell phone.

Want an even cheaper option? The Reizen Shake U Up does the same thing, but for about $5 less.

Bed Shakers

bed shakersSo you can sleep through hurricanes and nuclear holocausts, eh? Let’s step it up a bit to vibrating alarms designed to shake your entire bed. Yeah, you’re getting up now…and still not waking up the roommate.

The Sonic Alert Sonic Shaker can be attached to your pillow or under your mattress. If you absolutely positively need to get to that exam, this one can do the trick. You can find it for about $20 if you look around a little bit. It’ll be about $35 if you don’t.

The Philips Vibrating Alarm Clock (catchy name, eh?) is one simple piece of electronic wizardry that will get you upright immediately. Set it and put it under the mattress and you’re good. Oh, and it retails for about $20 at most places so you can probably find it cheaper elsewhere.