As college acceptance season comes to an end, many of you may be bitter about not getting into your dream school. The upside is, plenty of schools most likely did accept you and you’ll have fun deciding which is best for you.

Over the next few months, nerves will creep up and plenty of questions will pop into your head about your future collegiate life. Don’t let that bother you, though, every freshman will have the same nerves and questions.

You should be nervous, though, as many freshmen don’t make it to sophomore year, let alone senior year. Being unprepared or lazy will likely be your downfall.

However, worrying about the situation won’t do you any good. Preparation, on the other hand, will work wonders.

Surviving freshman year won’t be easy, so let’s prepare.


You may be free to do what you want without parental interference, but you should practice moderation in anything you do. Even studying has its limits. Balancing everything may not be a simple task, but moderation is one of the most important skills you can take away from the college experience.


Being an unfriendly person won’t get you very far. Being outgoing and respectful of others may not always pay off, but when it does it pays handsomely. It’s a waste to be in an incredibly social environment otherwise. Just don’t become too much of a social butterfly and lose your school-life balance.

Adam Rowe suggests being extra friendly during the first two weeks, as first impressions are always important. He also thinks you should make your Facebook profile stand out by keeping it clean and up-to-date for all those new friends you’ll be making.

Time Management

One of the greatest skills you can learn, and not just during school, is time management. It goes hand-in-hand with moderation, but time management is all about getting things done. You’ll have plenty of time to do all the things you enjoy as long as you budget your time appropriately, especially for sleep. The key here is to prioritize.


After having meals prepared for you, the freedom to eat whatever, whenever will be tempting. But you can beat the freshman fifteen before they creep up on you simply by eating right, a skill not easily acquired. It’s not something you have to practice religiously, but take moderation into consideration when eating unhealthy foods. Dropping soda completely and drinking plenty of water is a good first step.

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