You have to go to class. Grades don’t earn themselves…in most cases at least. Until you magic into one of those unbelievably fortuitous situations, lecture calls. And study sessions. And the gym. And clubs. And meal time. And parties. And it goes on and on.

Your dog, while you’re off doing all of this, has the pleasure of pining for you while you’re out. Their entire existence revolves around you. Playing with you. Sleeping with you. Keeping you safe. Show some reciprocal consideration!

1. Walk them. HARD.

puppy run

Before you go off to your first class or whatever else you need to do early in the day set aside an hour or so and walk your dog. Walk them HARD. A dog likes activity anyway, so why not walk the hell out of ‘em? This also gets you some exercise so the benefits are doubled. If you have some more time, play with your dog before work, too. A little bonding time works wonders for your dog’s overall attitude.

All this activity will put the dog into a resting mode for when you’ve left to hit the books. It also comes in handy for when it’s feeding time because…

2. Feed them with food toys.

puppy party

Your dog likes to eat. But they can gobble down some grub in minutes and be left to sit around and wait the hours out, alone. To stay the boredom they could count the seconds ‘til you get back. Or sleep. Or chew your favorite stuff to bits…yeah.

Get your dog some food-dispensing toys. Not only does it keep them active while it feeds them, but if you feed them just before you leave and right after work it reinforces the need to work for their food.

3. Put ice cubes in their water dish.

puppy fridge

You get thirsty when you eat. So do dogs, naturally. Especially so after they get worked out. Help them wash down that thirst with some fresh, cool water.

But what if it’s hot outside? Air-conditioning is expensive. Use it if you want, but there’s an even better way. Put ice cubes in your dog’s dish. And to help it stay cool for longer stuff an ice pack beneath the dish.

There’s a lot of information out there saying that feeding dogs ice cubes will cause them to bloat and their stomachs to flip. This information is false. Feel free to feed your dog ice cubes. They’ll be thankful for it.

4. Chew toys that make noise.

puppy toy

Your dog is your pride and joy. Perhaps even a part of your family. But it’s still an animal. And animals like to hunt. Getting a dog chew toy that squeaks and, maybe, even resembles preyed upon animals may keep your dog occupied quite nicely while you are away.

Be careful though. Sometimes the squeaking mechanism can dislodge with the powerful jaw grip of bigger dogs and end up choking your dog. Do some research and pick carefully. Your dog deserves it.