If you’re looking to get a little extra out of your citrus fruit, an orange candle is a great way to start. It’s aesthetically pleasing for either ambiance or emergency situations.

You’ll need the following:

  • Orange (more than one if you’re not confident in your peeling ability)
  • Plate or cutting board (skip if you dare)
  • Knife
  • Some type of cooking oil (vegetable, olive, canola)
  • Small plate or ashtray (for completed candle)

Once you’ve got your items assemble, get ready to open up the orange.

Peeling the orange without ruining its stem may take one or two tries to get right, but it’s actually an easy task.

  • Use the knife to cut around the orange, piercing it just enough for things to get juicy so you know you’re getting through the peel.
  • Dig your thumb into the stem’s half of the orange with your nail facing inward and push the peel out. From there, slowly break the peel off by moving your finger around the orange.
  • While supporting the lower half, grab hold of your unpeeled portion and pull it off. Don’t get too forceful and break the stem, though, as that’s what will act as the candle wick.

If you need a little visual for the peeling process, here’s a video, courtesy of our friends at FoodBeast:

After you’ve got your orange peeled with the stem intact, you can move on to the lighting process.

orange candle unlit

  • For safety purposes, keep your candle on a small plate or ashtray.
  • Get your chosen bottle of cooking oil open and poor it slowly over the stem. Fill up a little less than half the orange and prepare to light.

Lighting the candle may take a few tries, so either leave it sitting for a few minutes or be persistent.

Once lit, your new orange candle should burn for a few hours. In the meantime, enjoy what’s left of your orange; it’s probably better for you than your usual snack.

orange candle lit