The terms “eating well” and college don’t usually go together. College meals for most of us usually include a range of hot pockets, pizzas, ramen and everything that is the polar opposite of healthy. So how can you get your Iron Chef on and make your diet a little better than flaming hot Cheetos and monster without breaking the bank?

Ask Mom

Remember that lady you call every couple weeks to ask for money? You know the one that probably made you dinner for the last 20 years? She’s bound to know a thing or two about cooking! When I first moved off campus and actually had my very first kitchen, my mom gave me a 3 ring binder full of all my favorite recipes. From chip dips to full course meals it definitely will be put to good use when you have a super bowl party or first date, girls love a guy that can cook! If your mom isn’t the chef in the family talk to aunts, uncles, and especially grandma to get some great recipes.

Take to the Internet

Websites are popping up all over for eating better on a college budget. My latest favorite called College Recipe Cafe has a Grilled Nutella, Banana and Marshmallow sandwich, hungry yet? Other great sites for the college kid budget include: Strictly Ramen, College Eats, even Reddit has a whole cookbook just for you.


The riskiest yet in some ways most rewarding to finding good recipes is to just try stuff out! From Mac and Cheese Pizza to a tuna and peanut butter sandwich, get creative. It works for the crew over on EpicMealTime so give it a shot. Just remember a little booze and a lot of bacon can go a long way in the kitchen.