Getting organized is big business in the US. Franklin Planners, wall calendars and other items are readily available at your local office supply store…for a price. Often, a hefty one.

No need for all that. Getting organized is easy if you can just get some reminders on the big stuff. The little stuff will take care of itself. Mostly. But yeah, reminders. For yourself. For your friends. Whoever you know that could use a heads up to make sure stuff happens how it’s supposed to. You can get ‘em sent right to your phone. And they’re free. Let’s take a look at the various ways to text yourself in the future.

1. Google Calendar

If you do not have a gmail account (how is that even possible at this point?) then you need one for this, alone, at the very least. First, you have to get your phone number verified for use with your Gmail account. If this freaks you out, it shouldn’t. They won’t spam your phone.

Once that’s done go into your Calendar and click on the time you want this sent and title your text reminder. Then click on EDIT EVENT. Once in your event, look for Reminders. You should have three options: Email, SMS and Popup. Choose SMS, set it for how long before your event you want the text (I tend to pick 2 minutes), then click Save. All set.

2. Future-Text App

You know you have to text a buddy a reminder to pick up your tickets for tomorrow’s show. If you don’t, he WILL forget. But if you wait until tomorrow to text him you may forget as well. No worries, Future-Text will let you send a text to whoever you want whenever you want. It even warns you before it sends that future text in case you want to cancel it.


Sending yourself a text into the future from your comp is pretty easy and simple thanks to textitlater. All you have to do is give it some basic information including your phone number and carrier, then send it for when you want to receive it, even up to ten years from now. Remember to set the Time Zone though. If you don’t it could REALLY mess up your timing.

4. Text Later App

The Text Later app lets you send texts later. It works pretty much the same as Future Text so you could get both and try them out to figure out which works better for you.

5. purports to send you future text reminders to your specifications. However, they require you to sign up for an account which will require a verification email. In 2008 that would be nifty. Today, not so much. Also, their copyright info hasn’t been updated since 2011 on the bottom of their site. So you might want to save your personal email info and just use Google Calendar for this service instead.