Forget keeping a stack of books on your desk to hold your phone up; and don’t even think about buying an expensive case or stand. There are plenty of things you may have lying around that make a perfectly good DIY phone stand.

Here are four quick and easy solutions for the times when you need to prop up that tiny display.

Floss Container

That container of dental floss collecting dust in your drawer isn’t being used on your teeth as often as you claim, so give it a purpose by using it the next time you need a handy phone stand.

It works especially well for landscape mode video viewing no matter the size of your phone, however, it tends to fail as a vertical stand for large phones, such as the HTC One X+.

dental floss phone stand

Cassette Case

If you can find one lying around at home, a cassette tape case is the perfect cost-free and simple phone stand. It securely holds both small and large phones and works great for viewing videos in landscape mode or as a vertical stand.

Unlike some of the other methods listed, there’s no bending required; you just have to make sure you find a new home for your parents’ Grateful Dead cassette.

cassette case phone stand

Gift Card

If you have an old gift or store card, giving it a couple of bends will turn it into a nice stand for viewing videos.

Convert it into a stand by bending one end of the card a little over an inch down and the other a little less than an inch up. The larger end facing down will act as the stand and the smaller end facing up will hold your phone.

gift card phone stand

Large Paper Clip

Getting a paper clip to bend perfectly is a task I would not give to even my worst enemy; so using one as a phone stand should be a last resort. But if you’re looking to get your boy or girl scout MacGyver badge, it’s worth the challenge.

For a simple stand, pull the inner part of the paper clip out and bend the end of the larger part up so it will securely wrap around the phone. Another, more sophisticated method requires pliers, but is incredible as a finished product.

paper clip phone stand

What are you using as a smartphone stand? Let us know in the comments below.