You’re never going to beat procrastination. You may motivate yourself through some really hard work and feel an incredible sense of accomplishment, but thinking you’ve found the answer to procrastination will only lead to wasted time down the road.

Because once you start putting off work or find yourself getting easily distracted, you’ll feel disappointed and probably end up back in an old, hated routine.

So instead of thinking of procrastination as some sin you need to stamp out by pushing yourself, often too far, think of it as just another part of your day. Naturally recognize that you’re beginning to become less and less interested in your work or studies and take a step back.

Being unproductive while claiming to be working is worse than procrastination.

More often than not, you’ll find yourself renewed after clearing your head. Certain types of procrastination may even be downright beneficial.

The real benefits of procrastination, though, can be reaped once you begin to work around it.

Try to create a realistic schedule that doesn’t just set specific times for tasks that don’t require them. Your best work will be accomplished when you’re most comfortable, not during some predetermined time in your schedule.

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Image: John Moe