Our high school days put us in the mentality that to take summer classes is punishment for students who can’t manage to keep up during the school year. Now that you’re in college it’s time to rearrange that mentality and start to appreciate them for what they really are: cheaper, easier classes. You may think your summer is better spent at the beach, but unless you’ve got a killer full-time internship, there’s no smarter way to spend your summer than in summer school.

1. Cheaper

If you’re willing to take 6 credits over the summer, you can graduate a full semester early with just a few summer classes! It’s cheaper to be a part-time student over the summer than to pay full-time tuition over the school year. Since many institutions require you to be full time in your last semester, you can simply take extra classes the summer or summers before, and complete your schooling a full semester early. In the long run, it’s a much better deal.

2. Shorter

Summer classes are normally only 4-6 weeks long, rather than the never-ending 15 weeks of a standard semester. You might have to go to longer class periods, but you will still have plenty of time to enjoy your summer after your class term ends. In fact, you might be able to register for an online class over the summer and take your schooling with you on vacation! Otherwise, prepare to take your vacations either before or after your term, and you will still get the benefits of summer sun.

3. Easier

Nobody really wants to be there. Not you. Not the athlete sitting next to you. Not the part-time mom. Not the teacher. For this reason, summer classes are always at least a little bit easier than their fall and spring counterparts. If you have really difficult classes with a lot of information, it might not be a good idea to substitute it with a summer class, but if you have regular classes or general requirements to fill, it’s a lot easier to get an A in July than in November.

4. Less Crowded

If you’re attending a large university, you might get stuck in 400-person lecture halls, and you probably have to take a crowded, often late bus to your 8am classes. Well, lucky for you, summer classes are quite the opposite. Few people want to take summer classes, so the courses themselves are rarely full. You can get the courses you need, and also take advantage of a smaller class size by curry-favoring your professor. You don’t have to worry about traffic when taking the bus, since campus is at 50% occupancy, and you’re guaranteed to get a seat!

If you want an excellent way to get the most bang for your buck, you should contact your dean immediately and sign up for a few simple summer classes before it’s too late! Taking summer classes was the best decision of my college career!