If you feel like taking a break from your studies but don’t want to enter the endless void of social networks in search of time-wasting videos, a new browser-based game might be just what you need to get away from the books while keeping your mind sharp.

The game, called Drop, is an extremely simple, yet trippy typing game from Markus Persson aka Notch, the creator of Minecraft. Inspired by indie games Super Hexagon and Fez, as well as the ceiling in his home, Drop is fast-paced and unforgiving.

You begin the game by typing the word “drop” as it’s displayed in a spiral around Notch’s ceiling, which looks like a cube inside of a cube. Words begin flying at you slowly at first, but the pace picks up very quickly and the spiral of words expands as you progress or make mistakes.

The score of the game is based on how long you last, as well as bonus points, awarded by pressing the spacebar or enter key after typing a string of words.

You’ll find that words in Drop will repeat at random, making them easy to guess the more you play.

Despite its appearance, it’s an addicting game, so remember to force yourself away if you find yourself seeking an unreachable high score.

Drop can be played for free in your browser (after a small plugin installation) on Notch’s website.

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