That damn dorm mini-fridge is not forgiving with the space. But if you focus, you could keep some tasty morsels in your dorm mini fridge that won’t make you go up that extra size by the end of the semester. Take heed.

1. Popsicles/Flavor Ice

If you want to be the center of attention, this is #1 on your list of gets. It’s cheap, it’s sweet, it lasts forever, isn’t fattening (unless you eat ‘em by the pallet-full) and everyone loves them. You want company? Keep a cache of ‘em in your dorm closet. You will not lack for friends. Or for rides to the grocery store. Or for opposite sex attention.

There are tons of knockoffs, but you basically want the long, thin plastic containers with colored sugar water in them. And since they’re seasonal remember to buy as much as you can to last ‘til next summer. Unless you live in a warm state. Then screw you.

2. PB&J

Immediately lovable. Jelly is mostly sugar and preservatives so go easy. The peanut butter? Go for it! The PB of PB&J comes with Potassium, healthy fats, protein and fiber. Score!

Plus you can make sandwiches out of them. You can use them individually for crackers, fruits and veggies. Or you can just dip your filthy hand in there and have at it, so long as you’re the only one using it. Otherwise, not cool.

3. Light yogurt

You can get the greek kind, but the fruit-filled ones are cheaper. They are all, however, low in sugar and fat and high in deliciousness.

4. Deli meats, preferably turkey

If you’re a football player or an athlete in general know that this is not the cheapest option for you. You will hamfist this stuff a package at a time, for sure. But for four whole swallows they’ll be delicious.

5. Mini-tuna

Either you love or hate tuna. But if you love it you are definitely into the protein it gives because this side of supplements you can’t do much better. Also chocked with a decent amount of Omega-3 vitamins it helps your brain. You can get the individual cans (in multiple flavors) at many of your local supermegamarts.

6. Cheap carbonated flavored water

It’s like pop, but not. Because it’s clear. The caloric difference is dramatic though. A 16 oz. pop can be around 200 calories while the supermegamart cheap carbonated flavored water option could be as low as 100 calories for the same amount. About the same ratios for cost too. Even if you prefer the known brand stuff, you will need all the help keeping off the Freshmen fifteen that you can.

7. Hummus

Who knew chick peas ground up and seasoned could be so good? Go easy though. Four oz. has about 10 grams of fat. But it throws a nice crimp in the middle of your dorm cafeteria food schedule. And it has loads of protein. And it’s better for you than pizza.

8. Almond Milk

The more they study cow’s milk the more they’re like…maybe you should try something else. Beware that soy milk stuff too. Both are high in fat. You could combat this with skim milk, but what if you have an allergy or are lactose intolerant? Almond milk is a healthy, delicious alternative.

Oh, and it’s way ridiculous healthy. The short list of nutrients: Calcium, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and riboflavin. The downside? It ain’t cheap. At about 33% more expensive than milk, use sparingly.

9. Low-fat pudding

It’s pudding! Get some. Eat some. Share. Enjoy!

10. Clementines

A bag of 15-20 costs about five bucks. They’re packed with vitamin C, calcium and potassium. And they peel in seconds. Make a game of it and see if you can peel a clementine with just one hand or peel it so it comes off in one piece. Then eat it. And be healthy!

Photo Credit: Andy S. Foster