A new Facebook feature is putting your account’s security in the hands of your most trusted friends.

Working as a password recovery tool, Trusted Contacts allows you to set up additional security for situations where you find yourself locked out of your account.

It started off as a test feature in 2011, but is now being rolled out to all users.

Trusted Contacts on Facebook is a group of three to five friends that would be willing to assist you should you need help recovering your account. Facebook says these should be people you’d trust with a spare key to your house who you can contact without access to Facebook.

facebook security

Your assigned trusted contacts each receive a security code that you’ll need in order to get back into your account. If you should ever lose access to the email address linked to your account or find out your account has been compromised, you can ask your trusted contacts for the codes that will get you back into your account.

At least three trusted contacts will need to provide you with security codes before Facebook will allow you to recover your account.

While it may not be a fast solution, it is a nice last resort for account recovery.

To setup your trusted contacts, click on the “security” tab found on the account settings page.