With finals starting soon, there’s a need to get away from the books every once and awhile to let your mind recharge. Many of you probably have a go-to weekend activity or club that keeps you busy, but at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, members of one club use their free time on Sundays to feed campus squirrels.

The Squirrel Club, founded in 2002 by Jason Colman and Justin Hyatt following a late-night conversation about the bushy-tailed creatures, is one of the most popular clubs on campus.

Colman says the squirrels are campus pets and that the activity is a stress reliever.

The 1,200-member group meets every Sunday and feeds around 125 pounds worth of peanuts to the campus squirrels, which are noticeably more plump than your average squirrel.

However, that seems to be a point of pride for the club, as its website header says, “Sure, they’re fat. Wouldn’t you want to be, if you were a squirrel?”

And that’s a hard-to-argue point.

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Image: Corey Seeman