If you use an iPhone and love pizza, a new app wants to be your personal pizzeria navigator.

Pizza Compass is a simple solution to those on-the-go hunger cravings, using data from Foursquare to find the most convenient places to grab a slice.

The app’s creator, Daniel Blackman, got the idea while out with friends.

“I designed it on a Tuesday morning and by Wednesday afternoon the fellas over at Oak Studios joined in and started developing it,” Blackman told Gizmodo. “Our goal was simple. To get create an app that would change human kind for the better, while eating pizza.”

The part about changing human kind may not be completely serious, but plenty of you out there will find it “life-affirming,” as the developer says.

There are no frills to Pizza Compass. Upon launch, you’ll be greeted by a slice of pizza pointing you in the direction of the nearest pizza place. You can spin the slice or open up the map tab at the bottom of the screen to locate alternatives and read reviews. Once you find the right place, you can even let your friends know where you’re at via an in-app sharing tool.

If you must cheat on the Apple Rule, this is the best way to it.

Pizza Compass is available for $1 on the App Store.

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