You are a broke college student. Why spend your money on things you think you need when you could have something just as, if not more appropriate and useful, sitting around your home already? You could spend up that $20-50 of grocery budget on random name brand crap or you could help the environment and contribute to your entertainment budget instead.

1. Margarine / Butter Containers

Tupperware isn’t cheap. It would be nice to save that pizza from last night, but why bother buying containers to preserve it when your refrigerator already full of them? Any time you have butter or margarine containers their job is to keep the butter or margarine stored within them fresh. But what if it isn’t butter or margarine that’s in them, but, rather, your leftovers from yesterday? Wash those things out and use ‘em.

2. Milk Jugs

When they’re done dispensing milk, they can be used to dispense other things. Ever think of filling them with some of that powdered juice you like? Need a change holder? You can even make a dustpan out of it. These and several other uses are just the tip of the iceberg of all the many uses for them. Save your money and put those jugs to work.

3. Old Pillow Cases

Old pillow cases can be donated to the Goodwill or any local thrift shop that can take them. But why do that when you can have a free doggie chew toy? Did you ever think to use them as eco-friendly trash bag liners? Reduce, reuse, recycle.

4. Glass Jars

Theme restaurants and other kinds of niche-y eating spots serve cold fluids from glass jars. Beers, soda pop, iced tea and others are loaded up with ice and served to customers like you. They work because the feel of a cold glass on your lips adds to the refreshing aspects of the beverage you’re drinking. Save your glass jars for use as drinking glasses and have that experience at home. Save your bigger jars to put your sugar, flower or other flimsily packaged goods in as well.

5. Sunscreen Bottle


6. Spray Bottles

Clean out used spray bottles to use as water spray bottles to spritz your plants. You can also make some of your own cheap homemade cleaners and use the spray bottles to dispense them.

7. Old CDs

Didn’t know you could use old CDs for anything, did you? Well…the internet is a fascinating place with a lot of creative minds working on a bunch of perceived problems. Emergency signal reflectors, lamps and disco balls are a few of the creative and brilliant uses outlined for old CDs. Now…if you could just remember where you last put them.

8. Empty Toothpaste Tubes

You have a new empty toothpaste tube in your possession every month or so. Clean it out and use it to cover your scissors so they don’t cut you when you reach into your junk drawer.

9. Dryer Lint

Dryer lint is ridiculously flammable. Naturally, it’s perfect for helping to ignite fires while camping. If you’re feeling generous cut it up and throw it outside. Birds and other creatures will use it to stuff their nests and other living spaces.

10. Fabric softener sheets

Fabric softener sheets still smell good even after you use them. You could throw them in the trash to freshen up an especially odoriferous load. But you could also use them to clean  glass due to their anti-static properties and for cleaning a ton of other things as well.

11. Tissue Boxes

Your used tissue box can hold your empty plastic bags. You don’t even have to cut it or anything, just stuff ‘em in there.