The Best Apps for Getting a Good Night’s Rest

Nothing can take you down faster than a few nights without good sleep. From dozing at your desk to extreme grumpiness, not getting the recommended 7 hours of sleep per night will make the waking hours considerably worse. Fortunately, it’s your smartphone to the rescue with these apps made specifically to help you get some shut-eye. Just remember – these apps are really made for the solo-sleeper, if you’ve got someone beside you, they may not work the same (and might drive your co-sleeper crazy).

1. Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

Link: iOS | Android

Don’t worry, this app isn’t as creepy as it sounds. In fact, if you don’t know Andrew Johnson, you will after downloading this app, but not because he will literally join you in bed. When it comes to relaxing meditation, Johnson is your man, and now with this app – he’s all yours. Johnson and his Sean Connery-esque voice will walk you through meditation which is meant to lead to a nice deep sleep.

2. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Link: iOS |

Are you okay with your phone spying on you in your sleep? If so, download this app and place your phone by your pillow – don’t be ashamed, we already know you sleep with your phone. This app will track your sleep cycle and wake you up at a point when it will be most natural, as in when you’re coming out of a REM cycle. Hopefully this will mean no more mornings feeling like a Zombie who was woken at the worst time.

3. PureSleep

Link: iOS | Android

The PureSleep app is available for free, as well as premium versions, and many users report that after a few nights they are more than happy to pay for the upgrade. PureSleep uses binueral beats and other tones and sounds which are scientifically derived for putting people to sleep – and keeping them there for a full night.