There’s nothing better than waking up to a hot cup of joe on a cold winter morning. And while it’s also great during the warmer seasons, often times you may want a cooler beverage to get you through the day.

iced coffee with coffee ice cubes

Nowadays, you can drive by Starbucks or any fast food place that serves breakfast and grab a quick iced coffee — for a price. Over time, that price will weigh heavily on you and your wallet. Because you’re probably not ordering the non-fat, sugar-free variant, right?

Well, let’s save you and your finances the extra weight by making iced coffee at home.

Getting Started

You’ll need:

  • Coffee (preferably fresh brewed)
  • Sugar and/or creamer (for before and after)
  • Ice cube tray (one with a lid may help preserve flavor)
  • Cup with spout

Preparing the Cubes

After you’ve had your last hot cup of the day and are ready to prepare for the next day’s iced coffee, make an extra cup, adding a desired amount of cream and sugar.

Stick that cup in the fridge and go about your business until it’s room temperature. From there, pour it into a separate cup with a spout to avoid any unnecessary spillage as we transfer the coffee to the ice cube tray.

As you slowly pour the coffee into the compartments, be sure not to overflow or leave any half filled. You can then make the careful journey to the freezer.

If your freezer stinks, it may impact the outcome of your coffee ice cubes. Using a tray with a lid or sealing the tray with cling wrap may preserve the flavor, but a botched outcome should motivate you to clean your freezer.

It’ll take several hours for the coffee cubes to be ready, so unless you really need a mid-afternoon or evening pick-me-up, it’s best to wait until the next morning.

A Cool Morning Glass

The next day, with your coffee cubes waiting for you, brew your typical fresh pot. When it’s ready, get a thick glass and grab your coffee cubes from the freezer.

Put about half of your coffee cubes into the glass and pour in your freshly-brewed coffee. Leave a little off the top for your cream and sugar, stir, and then toss in the remaining coffee cubes.

The result is great iced coffee that won’t be diluted as you drink.

Main Image: Mary Crandall