You may have seen the list of healthy foods that can have serious drug interactions. If you’re suffering from any illness, from allergies to diarrhea, there are several unhealthy foods you should also avoid, both for your immune system and to avoid drug interactions. You may be craving a slew of strange foods when you’re sick, but it’s best to avoid these if you want to get better!


You probably know this one already: alcohol can adversely affect thousands of drugs. If you’re sick, if you’re battling a UTI, if you’re depressed, if you’re taking antibiotics, if you’re having trouble sleeping, or if you have ADHD, just one sip of alcohol can completely change the effects of the drug. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you avoid alcohol when you’re on any kind of medication! If your situation seems minor, such as acne or a skin rash, you should ABSOLUTELY disclose the use of alcohol to your doctor, and ask him before you drink. It doesn’t matter if you’re underage, some interactions are so severe that it’s worth telling your doctor you sneak a sip now and then.


If you’re battling any kind of infection, it is advised that you stay as far away from sugar as possible. Much like alcohol, sugar has the ability to drastically lower the body’s immune response. This means your body has great difficulty fighting off the infection. If you’re taking any medications that further alter your immune system, such as allergy medicines, antihistamines, or cancer and AIDS medications, or if you have any thyroid problems, it’s best to reduce your sugar consumption, or eliminate it for the duration of your medication cycle!

Aged Cheese

This one is strange, I know, but aged cheeses can add to a rise in blood pressure if you’re taking MAO inhibitors (MAOIs), such as antidepressants. A rise in blood pressure is often associated with anxiety, which is linked to depression. Make sure you discuss the potential side effects of the foods you eat if you’re taking any of these 4 MAOIs: Marplan, Nardil, Parnate, Emsam. (Additionally, you should avoid prescription and recreational amphetamines such as ADHD medications and cocaine if you’re taking MAOIs. The results can be fatal.)


There is a wide range of drugs that can be adversely affected by caffeine. Coffee, soda, and even chocolate should be avoided if you’re taking anticoagulants, or any medications for estrogen, asthma, or anxiety. In some cases, the drug will actually change the way the body breaks down the caffeine, resulting in nausea, anxiety, and the jitters.

Hopefully now you’ll know what foods to avoid next time you’re on medication. At the very least, you’ve got great random trivia for filling awkward silences.