Getting a summer internship can help you get real-time experience in the field that you hope to go into as a professional one day. Whether it’s in social media, technology, medicine, writing, or anything of the sort, the benefits of a summer internship are astounding.


Gaining real experience with a company and doing hands-on work will help future employers see the true value that you can bring to their organization. An employer will love seeing that you’ve already had multiple experiences in the same field as their company, helping you stand out among the rest of the pack.

Experience is everything. Go out and do it.

Real Examples

One of the best perks of a summer internship is that you’ll be facing real examples of the services that the company you work for provides. You won’t be faced with hypothetical examples with no real experience attached to it. That’s always a perk.


Through working at an internship, you’ll meet some great people who will be vital to you and your future endeavors. Maybe your boss likes your work and wants to hire you in as a full-time employee? Or maybe the people you work with will be able to let you know when there are other hiring opportunities at other companies.

A lot of the job market nowadays is about who you know as opposed to what you know. Obviously you have to have some sort of skill set that will be required of you at a certain job. But it’s even better when you know the people who are doing the hiring.


You’ll gain tons of insight into how a company works, what a company does to succeed, and the things those companies are trying to stay away from. This will help you if you want to gain valuable knowledge in the business world.

Take every opportunity that you have to learn. It’ll help round out your skills and give your summer experience feel more worth it in the end.

Do it for free

My motto is to work for free at some point in your life so that you can learn what the true value of a dollar is and how far you need to stretch it to survive. By no means does this mean starve yourself or go without basic necessities to live, but if you’ve got the option to take an unpaid internship, do it. You’ll get more out of it than you think you will.

Your focus will purely be on the work your doing and not the paycheck that normally accompanies it. You won’t look forward to a reward of monetary value. The progress that you make will feel more real than the progress that you make while getting paid. Sure, getting paid is a great perk. But should that dictate whether or not you take an internship? No. Try it, I promise you’ll work more for progress than anything else.

Got any other tips? Let me know below!