FireFox is an open source program in that anyone can manipulate or add to it. Pulling from the collective consciousness of the world to enhance a program is a pretty nifty idea to say the least. This collective mind source has put together a web browser that adjusts very well to each person’s individual needs. And to some that you didn’t know you had.

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Make FireFox Faster

Your FireFox program was originally created with dialup users in mind. But you are, most likely, not using dialup unless you’re over 60 and still paying for your AOL email account. There’s a simple tweak you can use to change the way FireFox loads web pages in the ‘about:config’ which is the backbone of your FireFox browser. Follow the directions exactly and you don’t have to worry about hurting your machine, only helping it to help you move faster.

Small Icons

Give yourself a little more screen space by shrinking the icons. Click on ‘View’ up at the top of the browser and run your mouse over ‘Toolbars.’ Click on ‘Customize.’ Near the bottom is the phrase ‘Use small icons.’ Tick the box next to it and watch some screen space open up.

Toolbar Icons

You can add functions like ‘Print,’ ‘Cut’ and ‘Copy’ to your toolbar right above your URL bar. Go back to the ‘Customize’ menu and look at all those little icons in the big box. Drag them to your toolbar to add them. Drag them back to remove them.

Keyboard Shortcuts

FireFox has a multitude of keyboard shortcuts embedded within it so that you can access a plethora of functions without having to take the time to use your mouse to click around. Hitting Ctrl + K will take you straight to your search bar. Ctrl + L will go to your URL bar. Ctrl + = will increase text size while Ctrl + – will decrease it. These are just a few of the many many options you can use for both PC and Mac.

Mouse Shortcuts

Maybe you really like that mouse. Like, really like it. FireFox has a bunch of shortcuts for that too. If your mouse has a middle button (the roller button) use that button on page links to open them up in a new tab. Holding Shift before scrolling up or down moves you forward or backward in your current tab’s history. And holding Ctrl while scrolling will increase or decrease the sizing of your page. There are plenty more so feel free to play around with what works for you.

Bookmark Keywords

Typing in a keyword will help you sort your bookmarks and make them easier to find when you type the keyword in the URL box. Right-click your bookmark and click on ‘Properties.’ If it’s a sports site you’ve bookmarked type ‘sports’ in the ‘Keyword’ box. Then, whenever you type ‘sports’ in the URL bar, all your keyworded sports sites will show up in a drop down menu.

Delete URLs In Your Browser History

Have a page in your history that you want gone? Go to your history (Ctrl + Shift + H) and right click that page. In the menu you’ll see an option for ‘Forget about this page.’ Click that and everything about that page will be gone from your history. Quickly.

Keyboard Tab Navigate

Ctrl + W will close a tab while Ctrl + T will open a new one. There are plenty more that will hasten your FireFox web browsing speed. Something in there will make your day a lot easier. Experiment and enjoy.

The ‘Star’ Icon

On the right side of your URL bar there is what looks like a star with a grey outline. Clicking on it will bookmark the page you’re currently looking at.

Keyword Search

You have a certain website with a search that you use a bunch? Go to that website and right-click the search bar there. In the drop down menu the option to ‘Add a keyword for this search’ should appear. Click on it and put a really easy word you’d associate with this site in the ‘Keyword’ box. Now’s the fun part. When you know you want to look up something on that site just type the keyword plus the thing you’re looking for in the FireFox address bar. Boom! Search complete.