If you find yourself lacking the motivation to do the dishes, installing a tablet-holding station in your kitchen will add a little entertainment to this otherwise monotonous task.

Using Command hooks, you can create tablet stations throughout your home to make leaving the couch much less difficult during a Netflix binge.

The idea comes to us from Reddit user etothepowerof3, who wanted to watch Netflix in bed without having to hold their iPad. They used three medium-sized Command hooks by 3M to achieve this. The hooks keep the tablet nice and secure, but also make it easy to get the tablet in and out of the makeshift station.

And while some of you may not feel the need to be constantly entertained, giving yourself the option to watch a show while doing the dishes shouldn’t spoil your ability to enjoy a mundane chore.

You can purchase six medium-sized Command hooks for less than $8 on Amazon.

My $2 solution to “I want to watch Netflix in bed but my arms get tired from holding my iPad” | Reddit

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